Monday, June 27, 2005

Okay, I haven't ever had a blog before, and I am NOT a writer. So why do I have a blog? Well, I just want a place to write about my first attempts at running! I just recently decided I wanted to give running a try, and frankly it's a little intimidating. I've tried to locate other beginner's running blogs but have been unable to find them. So, if anyone actually reads this and knows of some, please feel free to let me know! Really, this blog is just to keep me motivated and so I can see what kind of progress I have made. I really have a hard time sticking to things and this year I am trying to fix that. I have started eating better and losing some weight and that has gone so well that I figured, what the hell, I can do this running thing as well! At least I hope so. Wish me luck!


Blogger retrospect said...

Hey, Chris! Thanks for leaving the message on my site and I'm so glad to have found yours! I, too, am looking for "wanna be" runner helps to have a support group - even an electronic one! I'm bookmarking your site and I'll check back to see how you're doing. I've got two that I update daily (more a general blog, but I write about my running efforts in there and one that I set up for running/weight loss. I don't update that one as often, but it's much more honest than the other about how I'm feeling. Sometimes they are redundant, but not always. Hope you'll come back to visit on either!

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