Tuesday, June 28, 2005

The weather was perfect for running. It had cooled off and there was a slight wind that felt great on my skin. About 30 mins before their had been a light rain so the air was filled with fragrant smells and there was a dampness in the air. I felt nervous, a little out of breath before I even began, but excited to start a new week. The first 2 min. run was, well, not easy. I felt out of breath, hot, and my legs just weren't having it. My calves started to burn and I had just begun! I thought for sure I wasn't going to get through this. But the more I ran, the better I felt. I didn't even feel out of breath after 10 mins had passed. As a matter of fact I felt great! It was an awesome feeling and in that moment I understood why runners run. I wanted to keep going but I knew to stop while I was ahead. Just stick with the program. It would have been a perfect run if I hadn't felt a weird sensation in my knee. I am pretty worried about it. When I was young I ran into a moving truck while I was riding my bike. I injured my knee and wore a brace for a month. Last night I could feel that injury coming back as I ran. It felt like something was slightly separated from my knee and it almost seemed like there was some fluid in there too. I guess I should have it looked at. I hope it's nothing serious because I am really started to enjoy running. It's not like its exercise. It's a goal and it make s me feel great! When I got home I didn't feel tired or out of breath like I usually do. I felt energized and happy. Except for the whole knee thing. My knee didn't hurt after the run and today it is fine. But something tells me, the more I run the worse it going to get.


Anonymous E said...

I know exactly how that feels...Every now and then, when I'm not panting and feelig like I'm going to die...I actually understand why people do it! I hold on to the fact that I feel great afterwards!

Sun Aug 07, 06:35:00 PM  

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