Saturday, August 06, 2005

Fine line between love and hate

When I first decided to give running a try, I gotta say, it was a little intimidating. Not only for all the usual reasons like, I'm out of shape. The most exercise I'm used to is walking between the couch and the kitchen! Or, this is something new and therefore it is scary. People will know, they will know I'm not a runner and I have no business doing this! Look! They are looking at me, make them stop looking at me! And of course, the old excuse, I don't have time for this. I mean between all the TV programs I have scheduled to watch each night, how the hell am I going to fit in running?!?!? So, if that isn't bad enough, then you start to do a little research. If you are like me, you start to do a lot of research. And the more you read the more you think, oh my god! What the hell am I getting myself into! Reading about injuries alone can scare anyone off. Then there's nutrition, hydration, gu, (whatever that is), running shoes, running barefoot, too little, too much, too soon! It's exhausting! It really is! But after I got over the initial shock of it all, I realized I don't have to be an expert on everything just yet. I can grow into this. Take my time, learn a little here and a little there. That's not easy for me to accept, because I am really an all or nothing type of person. But I am working on that and it is going pretty good.
My run on Thursday went fairly well, and it was really uneventful. Didn't love it and I didn't hate it. I find it so unbelievable how each run can vary so greatly. One time you are having a blast, really feeling good on your run, then the next time you swear you are going to die and you feel like you are crazy for doing this! It's just like they say though, it's a love/hate relationship. I don't always feel like doing it and I definitely don't always enjoy it, but I gotta say, it is addicting.


Blogger The Complimenting Commenter said...

I think it's great what you're doing. I love the sarcasm about TV shows. I hit that too. You're a big inspiration and I hope that you don't give up. Good luck and good post.

Tue Aug 09, 01:06:00 PM  

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