Monday, September 26, 2005

I made it....but barely!

Thursdays run was goodish and baddish, (as my 8 year old son would say! :). The weather was just perfect. Nice and cool without being too chilly. Ahhh, I love the fall! There were quite a few leaves on the roads so I had a good background noise of leaves crunching under my feet, and the air smelled so good! Crisp and cool! So in other words, my run was going awesome- until I suddenly felt the urge to pee. I was like, what the heck, I JUST used the bathroom before I left! I was only into the run for about 10 minutes but I figured, the heck with it, I'll make it. Well the longer I ran the worse it got, and the more I thought about it the worse it got, so pretty soon I really had to go. But I am nothing if not stubborn and I was determined to get through my first 3 mile run without stopping! In the future, of course I will stop, but last night I just wanted to be able to say I ran three miles straight through! So that is exactly what I did. And while it wasn't the most pleasant run, (it ain't easy to run with your legs crossed!), I was very proud of myself! I ran it in 37 minutes which is pretty good for me. Gee, I wonder if I was in some kind of hurry?? Hee-hee!

Every Friday is my weigh-in day, first thing in the morning. It has now been 3 weeks since I have gained or lost anything and I am so frustrated. I have obviously hit a plateau and I don't really understand why. If you read about ways to break out of a weight loss plateau it will say you should increase your exercise and/or duration. My running schedule has been ever changing and increasing so I would have thought that would be enough to give it a little boost. In just 2 weeks I went from running 20 minutes at a time to 37 at a time. Since that isn't cutting it I am going to make a few changes in what I am doing now.

*** Increase running to 4 days per week

***Add weight lifting to workout regiment.

***Drink more water.

***Eat healthier!!!

***Cross train and try new ways to exercise

I wanted to increase my running to 4 days a week anyway so this really hasn't got a whole lot to do with weight loss, but if it helps than all the better! The weight lifting thing I have been avoiding since April! I hate, hate, hate weight lifting! But if it will make these last few pounds come off than I'm game. I also want to start to drink more water because I don't moniter how much I drink now. Eating healthier is a given and I have changed my eating habits over the last 5 months. But lately I have lost some of my motivation and I have been slowly slipping back to my old ways of eating. I need to stop making excuses for eating bad and get back to eating healthy. I am not going to eat less, neccessarily, but just not so much junk. On days that I don't run I usually go for a walk. I keep meaning to go to the gym every now and then but I never do. I want to try different exercises besides running and walking since that should help get me out of this plateau, I hope! Ok, that's my plan for now. Let's see if I can stick to it!


Anonymous e said...

good for you! I seem to be stuck on 2 1/2 miles and am having trouble getting past it.

Mon Sep 26, 05:02:00 PM  
Blogger Lara said...

Congratulations on your first 3 miles. Running for the bathroom certainly counts as speed training :)

Wed Sep 28, 05:05:00 AM  
Blogger retrospect said...

Chris, Thanks for leaving me such a nice note on my other site. I enjoy yours, too. I can't begin to tell you how happy I am that I found your blog. On the days when I don't want to put those shoes on (no matter how much I love them!), you inspire me to get off my rear and get out there. I still wish we were close enough to be running buddies!

Wed Sep 28, 06:52:00 PM  

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