Thursday, September 29, 2005

Running in a Winter Wonderland?

Well, I completed the C25k program and I am so proud of myself! Yesterday was my last official run on the program and it went really well. It was my first run with a long sleeved sweat shirt. I thought that part way into the run I would get really hot and have to take it off but the wind was blowing pretty hard so I actually maintained a pretty comfortable temperature. But to tell the truth, I am scared of the weather turning cold. The fall I can handle, but winter time? I'm not so sure. I don't have any of the clothing required right now for cold weather running, and I am scared that I won't have the motivation to keep going. When the weather turns cold I want to just hibernate indoors and sip hot beverages and wrap myself up in a big soft blanket. WHAT IF I CAN"T DO IT!! I feel like some sort of animal in the winter where I must eat enough to put on a layer of fat to make me survive the winter. And I get so lazy! Oh the laziness! I guess it doesn't help that very soon it will be completely dark out by the time I get done with work. I do have a gym I can go to as an option but I yawn just thinking about that place. And did I tell you what a complete and total wimp I am when it comes to the cold? Yeah, we are talking major sissy baby. I'm the person at work who is cold when everyone else is on the verge of being hot. So in other words, I'm scared I am going to completely abandon my running and all that I've worked towards by the time snow starts to fall! Has anyone here ran throughout a harsh winter? Do you have some suggestions for me?? Please?? Ok, I need some coffee now. Brrr! It looks cold out there! :)


Blogger jeanne said...

The best thing about running is being outside!! Don't run on the super cold days; read up on what to wear during cold weather runs and follow the advice. You couldn't get me to stay in a gym (unless I was injured, but that's another story!)
when the glorious outside is outside! Also, maybe you could run before work? My favorite time!

Thu Sep 29, 09:43:00 AM  
Anonymous E said...

my hope is that, by the time it's really cold, it's become such a part of my day that I don't even consider NOT doing it. I'm certainly not one to give advice...I'm still struggling at two 1/2 miles! I can't wait until I finish!

Thu Sep 29, 07:20:00 PM  
Blogger jez said...

Congrats on finishing the program!!

As for winter running, I love love love it (and we get some pretty harsh winters in central NY state). There is nothing like a cold, clear morning run in the snow - seriously! It's worth the while to read up on layering for the weather and technical clothing is definitely worth the price. When it gets to be cold, I wouldn't trade my silk long johns for anything - they are a rockin' base layer (and they're pretty inexpensive). I got mine here:

Fri Sep 30, 08:05:00 AM  

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