Tuesday, October 18, 2005

2nd try

I had a really long detailed post about my race and when I went to post it, POOF!, it's gone. I lost my first post. You never think it's going to happen to you. I would say that post was possibly, yes, yes, definitely, my best post ever!!! Oh well, back to the boring posts!

Now I am going to make this short and sweet cuz I just don't have it in me to go through that all again. The highlight of the race was passing a 70 year old woman, (she rocks!), and the low point was waiting to cross the road for a very slow moving semi, UGH! Oh and who would have thunk it? I actually pasted some runners! And even more amazing is when I went past they didn't stick there leg out and try to trip me, but instead they smiled and gave comments like, "Good job!" You runners are so nice!

When I arrived at the starting line I was just amazed by all the runners around me. I always run alone, and I have never attended a running event, so to be around all these runners was an awesome and surreal experience. For me it was like of like seeing something you like on the internet and going to that page a million times a day to look at it, then finally going to the actual store and seeing it in person and it's way better than you thought it would be. Just cool, ya know?

Right when I go there I had to pee, AGAIN!, but foolish me I figured I would wait until after I walked my warm-up, thinking maybe the line for the ONE port-a-potty would shorter. No such luck. Actually the line was longer. And I had about 7 minutes to get to the starting line. I was freaking out a little but thankfully I made it in time. Like just in time. I took my place in the way back and then, BOOM, we were running. I had to past about a kagillion walkers in the beginning since it was also a 5k walk. But eventually the path cleared and I was running and feeling so good! I wanted to run faster but I remember the advice all you guys gave me, (thanks so much!), and kept a slow pace for the first mile. Me and a walker were battling it out for that first mile, he gained, then I gained, and it was really pretty intense. Okay, actually he was probably about 12 years old and I thought it was quite comical. Once I hit the 2 mile marker I kicked it up a notch and said good-bye to fast walker boy. I started to past a few runners in there too and I was like wow, this is awesome! I'm not going to be last after all! Everything was going great until, wait, what, I have to wait? For a semi crossing the road? Oh nooooooo! Those two runner chicks I just passed are catching up, and I'm losing precious seconds! AHHHH, hurry, go faster! Finally, the semi passes and I take off, going faster than I should because I am trying to keep runner chicks at bay and make up for the time I lost. I try to slow down after that and wait for 2.5 miles but I have a hard time with that and figure I can make it till the end. I see 3 or 4 runners ahead of me that I think I can past. I fly by runner one, and then runner two, and then ZOOM!!! No, that's not me. What was that? Oh must be a 10k runner. Wow, he's fast! Okay, I'm at 2.5 miles and my lungs aren't happy. Its getting hard to breath but I pick it up a little anyway. Hell, I'm almost there! Oh cool, I'm coming up on another runner! It's the 70 year old woman, (I hope I am like her when I'm that age!) and we are side by side for awhile, then I push forward and pass her. I see the finish line ahead of me, thank god, then I hear my name being called out! OH MY GOD! How embarrassing! I didn't know they did that! I was going to speed up in the end but I am overcome with shyness as I see the crowds of people, and now they all know exactly who I am! I cross the finish line and see 37:14, and I am so happy, I did better than I thought I would! YEAH!

Sorry if the report is a little sloppy but I swear the first draft was way better! Thanks again for all the comments and encouragement. I thought of you guys before race day and while I ran and it made it so much easier for me just knowing there were people out there rooting me on! Thanks a bunch!


Blogger jeanne said...

That sounds FABULOUS!!! A great report!! (Sorry you lost the first one, but this one rocks!)

You did fantastic, and if it wasn't for those damn semi's, you'd have shaved a few more seconds off!

Be very very proud of yourself!

(Tip: One thing I do periodically when writing a post is hit the "SAVE" button; then I go back in and edit. It's saved my butt a few times!)

Wed Oct 19, 09:03:00 AM  
Blogger Lara said...

Awesome race!! I'm so happy to hear that you had so much fun - AND you beat your goal time!! Great job. You're hooked now ;)

Wed Oct 19, 04:32:00 PM  

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