Wednesday, November 02, 2005


I haven't posted for awhile, it seems I have some sort of mental block about it. Like when I even think about posting I immediately make an excuse not to. Weird, and I don't know why, other than perhaps there is a lot of stress and a lot of changes going on in my life right now. Strangely though, these changes have temporarily given me more time in which to do anything I feel like doing, or , as has been the case, to do absolutely nothing! It's wonderful and horrible at the same time. Partially because I really don't know who I am without work, and that's kind of sad. I don't do well without structure in my life. Schedules work good for me, although while I have one I usually resent it and imagine life without them. But I am coming to appreciate them now that I don't have one., although, like I said, it is only temporary. I know I should just enjoy this time while I have it but I am left wondering, enjoy the time to do what? Besides running, of course. But to be honest, I am not using all my free time to run. I still run at the normal times, at night. You would think that I would take a morning run or even a afternoon run, but no. My mind is set to run in the evening and that is what it wants to stick with. Or maybe I'm just lazy. Who knows?

I am still doing the 10k training program, but I guess I should tell you I don't plan to run in a 10k race. At least not now. I am just trying to build up to be able to run that distance. Like I said, I do very well with schedules, well, at least I do much BETTER with schedules. Without a plan I think my running career would completely crumble and fall on the wayside. I have this great fear of veering off the schedule. And that' s great cuz I keep on truckin'. I'm not doing as well with the cross-training though. I do all the running, some of the strength training,( I HATE IT!), but all of the running. Last Sunday I actually ran 4 miles! I was super excited to reach that distance, but damn that is a long way! Does it start to seem not as far the farther that you go? I hope so.

???Question for anyone who runs on a treadmill: Does it feel like you have to run faster on the treadmill to keep up with your usual pace outdoors? It sure feels like that to me! Is it in my head, does it have to do with the ground moving beneath your feet, what is it!?!


Blogger Lara said...

I had the same kinds of feelings while not working this past summer. There was a part of me that embraced hanging around in my bathrobe for half the day and a part of me that was totally lost without the structure that a job imposes on your remaining free time. P.S. I got nothing accomplished with all that extra time.

Four miles is great! Remember how 1 mile seemed like a long way, then 2, etc? The more you run, the more your perspective will expand. 4 miles for me is a mid-range distance, a year ago at this time my longest run was 2 miles and that felt really far.

I don't run on a treadmill but I think the rule of thumb is to put it at a 1% incline to better simulate the effort of outdoor running. Evidently, the motor does move you along to some degree even though you're the one running to keep up with it.

Sat Nov 05, 04:31:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I find the best way to keep , if not motivated, at least working on my fitness, is to actually enter an event. If money is on the line i'm more likely to get off the couch. Also they are fun to do and you have bragging rights in the tea room on MOnday morning ('so, what did you get up to on the weekend?) I find the opposite on treadmills, that they are harder work that running outdoors, but I gather I'm just weird.



Mon Nov 07, 03:20:00 PM  
Blogger jeanne said...

Hey, I'm following a 10K plan too! but like an idiot, said I would run a 10k on dec. 11. by which time my plan will have me up to oh, 4 miles!!

I have YET to run four miles, so I way jealous. 3.5 on sunday, and you would have thought I'd flown to the moon and back. Not that I loved it or anything. Well, not during it. But afterwards! Yeah! I'm so glad to get Lara's perspective. I completely identify with you (except for the not having a job part. Oh, can I just TRY that for a few months? Please??)

Anyway, yay you for 4 miles and for having the 10k goal. Let's see who gets there first!

Tue Nov 29, 07:45:00 PM  

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